Blades Size 20

Blades – Size 20


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Cincinnati Surgical, Swann Morton, and Lance Size 20 surgical blades.
Fits Size 4 Handles.

Available Options:
• Carbon Steel, Sterile
• Carbon Steel, Non-Sterile
• Stainless Steel, Sterile
• Stainless Steel, Non-Sterile

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Cincinnati Surgical, Swann Morton, Lance


Carbon Steel, Sterile, Stainless Steel, Sterile, Carbon Steel, Non-Sterile

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0120:  Cincinnati Surgical – Stainless Steel, Sterile
0220:  Cincinnati Surgical – Carbon Steel, Non-Sterile
00SM20:  Swann Morton – Carbon Steel, Sterile
01SM20:  Swann Morton – Stainless Steel, Sterile
02SM20:  Swann Morton – Carbon Steel, Non-Sterile
92020:  Lance – Carbon Steel, Sterile
92120:  Lance – Stainless Steel, Sterile

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