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Blades – Size 15T



Surgical Blades – size 15T by Swann Morton

The short rounded cutting edge combined with an angled point provide additional strength to this blade making it ideal for fine procedures in the hand and foot such as debridement (removal of dead, damaged or infected skin tissues)  and heloma enucleation (removal of a soft or artificial corn without damaging the surrounding tissue).

Individually wrapped.
Fits Size 3 Handles.

Available Options:
• Carbon Steel, Sterile
• Stainless Steel, Sterile

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Carbon Steel, Sterile, Stainless Steel, Sterile

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00SM15T:  Swann Morton (ref 0292) – Carbon Steel, Sterile
01SM15T:  Swann Morton (ref 0392) – Stainless Steel, Sterile

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