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Braithwaite Skin Graft Handle


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Swann Morton Braithwaite skin graft handle.

The Skin Graft range is used in the surgical removal of a patch of healthy skin from one area of the patient’s body which is then transplanted to another area where there has been extensive tissue loss. Skin grafts may be recommended for burns, specific surgeries that may require skin grafts for healing to occur, and for areas of prior infection with extensive skin loss. They may also be used for cosmetic reasons during reconstructive surgeries.

With three models to choose from, namely the Braithwaite, Cobbett, and Watson, these Stainless Steel Handles are used in conjunction with the sterile 158mm Skin Graft Blades for harvesting “Macro” or “Major” Skin Grafts. The handles have an in-built adjustable guard which can limit the maximal thickness of the graft harvested depending on the properties of the skin at the donor site. This can vary in thickness due to multiple factors including the age of the patient.

The exact thickness of the graft can also depend upon:

1) The contact angle between the blade and skin whilst harvesting;
2) The pressure applied by the operator onto the handle whilst harvesting.

These are important aspects of the skin grafting technique that need to be mastered to enable reproducibly consistent harvesting of high-quality split-thickness skin grafts.

The Braithwaite Skin Graft Handle (1955 Fenton Braithwaite) was a modification of the Humby and Bodenham Knives and was the first that did not need to be dismantled in order to replace the blade. The adjustment between the roller and the blade itself is achieved by two knurled collars mounted on the back of the handle. The Stainless steel blade is locked securely in the leaf spring holder. To fit a new blade one moves the safety catch in order to open the leaf and the blade can be inserted under the roller before reengaging the safety catch. There is a tendency for the skin to roll up around the guard when cutting thin split skin grafts with the Braithwaite Handle however this can be corrected by placing traction on the cut skin otherwise the fine sheet of skin may tear. The roller must also move freely from side to side requiring slack end bearings that can reduce precision in the setting resulting in the graft sometimes becoming gradually thicker as the handle progresses. Two adjustments are necessary at either end of the handle to set the depth of cut and again if the setting is unequal the graft may be thicker on one side.

SKU #: SM9901

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