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Disposable Scalpels – Size 10 – Cincinnati Surgical


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Having a fully disposable version of the traditional scalpel is much more convenient than using a separate blade and handle set up in many scenarios. For those scenarios, try out our Size #10 Disposable Scalpel for consistent sharpness, control, and strength surgeon’s demand!

The Cincinnati Surgical disposable scalpel includes a plastic guard designed to protect the cutting edge until the point of use.

Available Options:
• Stainless Steel, Sterile
• Stainless Steel, Non-Sterile

Learn more about the types of scalpels available in our news section.

Stay safe and use a blade remover when removing your old blades. For information on safely handling surgical blades, check out this educational video.

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Stainless Steel, Non-Sterile – 100/box, Stainless Steel, Sterile – 10/box

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0510:  Cincinnati Surgical – Sterile
0610:  Cincinnati Surgical – Non-Sterile

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