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Skin Graft Watson Handle – Swann Morton

The Skin Graft Watson Handle (1960 John Watson) has a fixed, polished, stainless steel guard and a simpler, more rigid thickness adjustment. The rod has no independent movement, either sliding or rotation, while the graft is being taken. At its end-bearings, it passes eccentrically through the bushes, hence the depth of cut can be set by rotation of the rod with the single knurled control knob, the rod remaining parallel to the blade settings. The bearings therefore have a precision fit and there is no “play” in use. While taking the graft, spontaneous rotation of the rod is slight, but the locking lever is provided to avoid accidental alteration of the setting once it has been made. The fixed guard reduces skin rolling however introduced a considerable degree of “drag” since it cannot slide to and fro with the skin surface. As a result, the edges of both the graft and donor site can be ragged an effect that can only partially be avoided by lubricating with liquid paraffin.

SKU #: SM9903 (Swann Morton ref 9903)

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