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Caring for our environmental impact is a commitment we take seriously at Cincinnati Surgical. Through our joint manufacturing agreement with Swann-Morton, all of our products are manufactured with environmental and energy impacts in mind without compromising our high quality and standards.

This includes maintaining both ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications. These independent, non-governmental, internationally recognized certifications require our manufacturing facility to have a robust environmental and energy management program in place that is focused on achieving positive outcomes.

Swann Morton and Cincinnati Surgical pledge to conduct our business in ways that minimize our environmental impact on the Earth, conserve valuable resources and prevent pollution of the environment wherever possible. We have been investing in activities to reduce our environmental impact for many years. We were one of the first companies to install a thermal oxidizer to destroy VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other emissions from our blade-coating process. The system has been in operation for over 15 years and has resulted in a 99% reduction in emissions. We have also invested in a number of other initiatives to reduce our environmental impact, including solar panels to generate renewable energy, rainwater harvesting to reduce our reliance on mains water, and an advanced recycling system to recycle up to 95% of waste. These are just some of the ways we are working to reduce our impact on the environment. We are continually committed to improving our environmental performance and hope to set an example for other companies to follow.

Steps that we take to care for and protect our environment include:
  1. Operating as energy-efficiently as possible, including using fuels as efficiently as possible, reducing our CO2 emissions, and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels wherever feasible.
  2. Recycling and minimizing the waste we create. We pack our blades in the smallest size we can that still ensures the integrity of the product.  Less packing means less waste.
  3. Greener purchasing practices and more efficient use of supplies.
  4. Complying with all state and federal laws.
  5. Having a well-developed emergency preparedness plan.
  6. Actively promoting and encouraging our employees, suppliers, and customers to take steps to minimize their environmental impact.
  7. Communicating environmental and energy usage policies and expectations.

In partnership with Swann Morton, Cincinnati Surgical is committed to continually improve its Environmental Management System to protect the environment where possible and enhance environmental performance and the prevention of pollution in line with its Environmental Policy by implementing and maintaining an Environmental and Labor Standards Assurance Management System.

Through our partnership with Swann Morton, Cincinnati Surgical brings global leading surgical blades to the U.S. market and an ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. We take our responsibility to practice green health very seriously.

We have a comprehensive environmental management system in place that covers all aspects of our business, from product design and development to manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and end-of-life disposal. Our system is continually reviewed and updated to make sure we are doing everything we can to minimize our environmental impact. We are proud to say that our products are fully recyclable and we are working hard to develop new and innovative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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