FREE SHIPPING – On all orders over $125

As a global leader in surgical blade manufacturing we share in the world’s concern over the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are encouraged by the efforts being put in place and hope the impact on society can be limited. 
We’d like to take this opportunity to share some information with you to ease any concerns about the supply and safety of our products. 

  • Cincinnati Surgical and Swann Morton products are manufactured in our world class facility in Sheffield, England.
  • All of our sterile blades go through in-house Cobalt 60 Irradiation Sterilization.
  • Our facility is FDA registered and compliant.
  • There is no anticipated supply chain disruption at this time.

Our products play a key role in the surgical, dental, veterinary, post mortem and research fields and customers deserve a product that can be trusted. That’s why we’ve got you covered on every aspect of the surgical blade manufacturing process, because blades truly do matter. 

Rest assured we will continue to be here to ship the supplies you need. Should anything need to change in the supply chain, we will communicate that right away.  

Again we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and have taken the necessary precautions to keep our manufacturing facility producing product. We are still producing our standard capacity of 1.5 millions blades per day. In addition, we have over six months of finished products ready to go in our warehouses. Should any anticipated disruption occur we will communicate right away. We’ve got the product to keep you covered considering the world’s current situation.