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Our heritage hasn’t changed but our tag line has. Cincinnati Surgical has provided surgical blade manufacturing excellence since 1938. Our blades have always been produced with the highest quality raw material and unmatched manufacturing processes. We’ve always raised the standard of the surgical blade and we invite you to join us. Regardless of the industry you are in, you deserve to use a high-quality surgical blade. 

The current environment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has many people reevaluating their supply chain and the point of origin for many items. Don’t compromise the quality of your blade. Many blade users don’t even know there are higher quality blades available to them. Now is the time to try something new, rather than ordering a blade because you’ve always ordered that one. Stop settling for the status quo. With a high quality blade, you’ll no longer need multiple blades in a procedure because the blade you are using has dulled.

You know our production facility is top notch when it comes to blade manufacturing since the Discovery Channel chose to feature it as part of its “How It’s Made” series.  The series is now a part of the Science Channel. Want to see a little bit of the behind the scenes action?  Check out “How Scalpels Are Made.”  Once you’ve watched the video we think you might look at the surgical blade you’re using a little differently.

A few key takeaways of the Cincinnati Surgical and Swann Morton branded products include the following.

  • Premium steel and uniquely ground edges provide a sharp, long-lasting blade
  • 1.5 million blades made daily in our world-class Sheffield, England facility utilizing ISO13485, ISO14001, and ISO50001 manufacturing standards
  • Every blade is visually inspected twice to ensure consistency and quality for zero defects

How to get these surgical blades

Contact your preferred distributor today to give our blades a try.  You can also email us at to request a sample.  Please be sure to include the blade number and carbon or stainless steel. Or shop for yourself at